Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ideas for decorating your room

In this post, you will find ideas for decorating your room.
Let's decorate our room with style!

No matter what style you have, or age, there is nothing more beautiful to go to your room and feel like you have your style and feel so much more comfortable!
What is your favorite style?

1. If you like dim lights for a cozy space, use Christmas lights and hang your photos Polaroid preferred.

2. For a romantic style, takes a white wall and write your favorite phrases.

3. If you are someone who like to travel the world and collect memories, this idea is super original.
Paste on your wall map made with cardboard or cork, and place photos by the places you've been.

4. A rustic look.
Pallet, decorate the way you like and use it as head of your bed.

5. Very classic and elegant.
In a white box, enter a phrase that will inspire and hang it on a black wall.

6. Using the same idea of the previous one, with inspirational phrases, you can use a blackboard and change the phrase according to your mood.

7. Again the romantic style.
Fabrics, tulle and lights.
 Do you want something more comfortable?

See you soon!

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